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Try Something New

Let’s talk about your comfort zone.

It’s easy to do what is comfortable, right? When a strategy works, our instinct is to repeat it. We say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” but I want you to think about something: what happens when you overuse something that works?

It gets worn out. It breaks.

Being in your comfort zone, you can fall into a rut very easily. You may go on autopilot, stop innovating, or approach new problems from the same tired angle. You may not lose your current customers, but you may find yourself on a plateau where you’re not growing the way you should.

That’s why I encourage you to try something new. If you’ve made no efforts to sell to the government last year, try something new in 2020.

The government spends an average of 7 trillion dollars a year—that’s $20 billion a day. If you do a quick search for the latest government contracts issued, you’ll see that some of these deals are for $100,000, $200,000—of course, it takes hard work and patience to win that business, but so does any contract worth pursuing. Try something new.

If you need help, there are tons of resources out there, and only one full training program that’s 100% dedicated to government sales. GovSales University will not only teach you everything you need to know, but it’ll break down all the other resources that can help you reach your goals.

Try something new.


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