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Below are some common questions we receive about GovSales University.

  • Do government agencies buy my products?
    Yes! The government (federal, state, local) buys everything! Our “university” will teach you everything that you need to know to land your first government sale and how to keep the sales coming!
  • How do I sell my products and/or services to the government?
    We cover this topic within the first few chapters of course content, as well as our Facebook private group, webinars, and help from the team! GovSales University is designed to provide our subscribers with priceless information that could potentially lead to millions of dollars in sales for your business.
  • What does a GovSales University subscription provide?
    GSU Bid Notification solution ($3,500 value) A custom and critical prospecting tool, set notifications to know when there are new sales opportunities for your product or service GovQuote Marketplace ($2,500 value) See current, open, potential business opportunities in your area 100+ Training Videos ($2,000 value) Short, easy to digest videos designed to help you win money NOW Private GovSales Facebook group ($1,500 value) An exclusive online group where the community (and the GSU team) will be there to support you, give advice or guidance for your sales process
  • How long are the videos?
    Our education platform has over 100 short, easy to digest videos. You can watch a couple videos a day, or take it one section at a time. GovSales University is here to help you at your pace! The videos even try to add a little “fun” to the government sales world.
  • How do I access the videos?
    Once you are a current GovSales University subscriber, you instantly have access to the entire database of videos, as well as our bid notification platform.
  • Is GovSales University the same company as GovSpend?
    GovSpend is our parent company, which means along with our education video access, you will get limited access to one of the largest databases of government sales data within the United States.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel at any time. Your access to content would last throughout the remainder of the month (based on your subscription date). However, even once you are finished with the videos, GSU Bids is how you can actually start to apply what you have learned during the course.
  • Why do I need to keep my subscription after I finish the videos?
    GSU is constantly being updated with new course content, videos, and overall useful information. We also have a Bid Platform included in your subscription (Value of $3,500) which is where you see actual government business. This is the next step to win GovSales. Our goal is to provide a lasting, helpful resource for you to always refer to.
  • How long will it take me to win my first sale?
    While we wish to say “within the first month of subscribing to GSU”, this depends on a number of factors such as your product, pricing, and time of year. All of these factors are routinely discussed by our Dean and GSU staff.
  • What makes GSU different from other bid platforms?
    Our bid platform pulls from over 160,000 agencies across the United States and Canada. We make it easy to include or exclude keywords to eliminate the “noise”. Other platforms use commodity codes which casts a wide net but our platform allows you to focus only on the products and services you provide, saving time from sorting through opportunities that are not relevant. We also archive the expired bids, allowing you to identify the key decision makers who have purchased what you sell in the past!
  • Why should I buy GSU?
    GovSales University has taken over 25 years experience and consolidated the knowledge into an easy to understand 8 hour course. We have spent decades refining our government sales and marketing process so you can ramp up your business quickly to win government contracts immediately. Our program also provides you with current opportunities and key contact information to develop relationships for winning deals outside the bid/rfp process. GSU is a one stop shop for anyone looking to win government business.
  • Who is Jack Siney?
    Jack Siney is the nation’s leading expert on selling to the government -- completing over $1.5 billion in government sales. He is the co-founder of GovSpend, which maintains the only database of purchase order records for federal, state and local agencies. He has worked with thousands of industry-leading organizations across the U.S., such as Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Home Depot, and Motorola. For more information, visit
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