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GSU: Back to School

Back to school this month! Whether you, your kids, or anyone you know are going back virtually or in person. Right now, you should consider the same thing. A lot of us, once we graduated from our last formal education institution, we didn't really seek more education for whatever reason. Now, we have the internet at our disposal, there are so many ways to learn. We all know there's a ton of online courses.

There is only one online course exclusively focused on how to sell to the largest prospect in the world. U.S. governmental agencies spend $7 trillion a year, $20 billion a day. GovSales University is an online training course of over 100 videos. We'll take you step-by-step on how to sell to the government (federal, state, and local). With COVID changing how we do business and all of a sudden uncertainty about our economy now is the time to go learn how to sell to the government. The largest prospect in the world.

You might be asking yourself, “why in the heck would I want to go learn how to sell to the government?” Let me give you some really good reasons.

  • The government buys everything. The government buys everything that's made. They are buying whatever product or service you sell.

  • The government always pays. For those of you that have delivered the product/service and a client hasn’t paid you, this is important to note.

  • You can win a government deal this week. 80% of what the government spends does not go out to bid or RFP. The government has 10 alternative ways they buy outside of the vendor RFP process. This is where they do most of their transactions of the $7 trillion they spend every single year.

Quickly, I want to share with you a testimonial from one of our clients. We had a gentleman who was a truck driver and made the decision to learn how to sell the government. He signed up for GovSales University and took all the courses. Once he was done, he submitted a quote at a government agency and he won in the exact same week. Yup. Took classes, submitted a quote, and won. The agency wanted to pay him on a P-card so after he won the quote, he actually had to go set up a credit card processing system.

I tell you this to illustrate how simple it can be to sell to the government. Is that not amazing? That is the best testimony we could ever have.

Go to GovSales University. Learn how to sell to the government. Change your business.


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