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What are Government Quotes?

If you search Google for “government quotes”, you will find a series of inspirational quotes from our founding fathers.

This article is to share what government agencies mean when it comes to requesting a quote.

A quote is an informal process for when an agency is making a purchase below their bid threshold. Some agencies might have a threshold of $10K, $25K, $50K, or $500K, which is based on the procurement guidelines for that specific agency. You will typically find that the larger the population, the larger the budget for making these types of purchases.

Here are a few examples of how an agency can request a quote:

  1. Telephone: If you have a prior relationship with an agency, they can call to request a quote for a product or service.

  2. Email: Agencies have a list of registered vendors and will send out an email asking for your price if you have completed the registration process.

  3. Electronic (eQuote): GovSpend has created an online marketplace that allows agencies to post quote requests in a message board for vendors to respond with their pricing.

The quoting process is a short and sweet way for agencies to purchase what they need with a shorter turnaround time. Less red tape means that you can win a deal in days, not months! You will not have to fill out numerous forms as you would have to do with a bid/RFP. The specs are clear, if you can deliver, then provide your price.

If an agency is requesting a quote, you should deliver your best price to make a good impression. This is not a time for negotiation. Help an agency in need and they will remember your prompt response, increasing your chance of getting a phone call or email next time around.


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