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Learn How to Sell to the Government

If you've been in sales for a prolonged period of time, or are a #salesleader, you are probably spending your time trying to figure out how you are going to stay in business/make goal over the next several weeks.

From podcasts, to weekend seminars, books, to all kinds of training, you name it. It's been going on for years all the way back to Zig Ziglar all the way to Gary V today.

However, very, very few of these are actually focused on government sales. Selling to the government is super unique. There's are particular methods you can follow to be super successful.

Specifically, right now, ALL government spending is going to increase over the next several months -- as private-sector spending decreases due to the #coronavirus.

That’s why, here at GovSpend, we built something called GovSpend University. It's a set of online courses that will teach you exactly how to sell to the government. All the nuances, all the tricks of the trade… all the ways you can sell the government and be successful and keep your company afloat during this time.

Let us help.


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