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Benefits of Selling to the Government

Winning a government contract can change your life! Seriously, the government always pays, and often issues contracts up to 5 years, which is guaranteed money for your business. Last year, our government spent $10 trillion....that is over $20 billion a day.

You might be thinking, “It takes a long time to win a government contract” or “The profit margins are razor thin”.

Remember, you set the price for your contract, and there are ways to win deals outside the bid/rfp process. Winning a government deal can pay off dividends for years to come if they are happy with your products and services. The first step is always the hardest, and that is why we created GovSales University to provide the roadmap to success. Knowing how to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” will give you the confidence needed to grow your sales in the public sector.

During 2020, our economy was hit hard by COVID, and people had to shut down their businesses as citizens sheltered themselves from the virus. With the private sector feeling the financial squeeze, the United States government stepped up to the plate and issued over $3 trillion dollars in additional funding. THREE TRILLION DOLLARS! Yes, that is $3,000,000,000,000 in government spending to help boost the economy. Selling to the government is a must to recession proof your business. We saw companies that would make banners/signs pivoting to manufacture facemasks. Distilleries who manufacture vodka were now making hand sanitizer. Event coordinators were now organizing pop-up events to help with COVID testing. All of these companies did what it took to keep their business going and the government footed the bill. Our government purchases everything!

Landing a government deal can also happen within hours, especially during a state of emergency. If a hurricane, forest fire, earthquake, or any other type of natural disaster impacts your state, this will warrant immediate action. The agencies need help immediately, they don’t have time to wait in most cases for supplies. It is good practice to develop a relationship with your local purchasing agents prior to these catastrophic events to build credibility before the time of need. Fill out the proper paperwork so you are a registered vendor, so when the time comes, you are the company they call.

We have helped thousands of companies grow their revenue by introducing them to the public sector. Are you a small business? Great, the government has set-aside funds to help the little guys(or gals). This is money that must be spent with smaller companies and you can partner with larger companies to complete the scope of work if the job is outside your skillset.

Here is a quick review of the benefits of selling to the government:

  1. The government always pays.

  2. Contracts are large & span multiple years of payouts.

  3. Recession-proof your business.

  4. Deals can be faster than expected(sometimes in just days).


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