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10 Myths about Selling to the Government


Combined, U.S. government agencies (federal, state & local) represent the largest customer in the world. There are 90,000 government agencies spending over $7 trillion per year…just under $20 billion per day (every day) — that is A LOT of money.

The federal government spends over $4 trillion per year, and state & local agencies spend over $3 trillion. Government spending is the largest “industry” in the United States…representing over 13% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) — with manufacturing second at 12% of GDP.

However, some companies decide not to pursue the enormous opportunity of doing business with the government because of common misconceptions about the government sales process. This report debunks the most prevalent myths about doing business with the government.

To continue to read "10 myths about Selling to the Government", download the full report here.


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