Billions of Federal Funds Available NOW

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July 1st starts the new fiscal year for most State, Local & Education (SLED) government agencies. That means RIGHT NOW these agencies have A LOT of money available to spend -- it’s “Christmas in July”. So how do you get some of this money for your company?


Learn how the government is spending this money.

(HINT - it’s NOT through the bid/RFP process).

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the government has so much money to spend in Q3.

  • How the government is spending their new fiscal year funds.

  • Which agencies are buying the products/services you are selling.

  • The best/easiest way for your company to win government sales in Q3.

  • 80% of government spending does NOT go through a bid/RFP process.

  • 10 ways you can win government deals in just a few weeks/days

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